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In order to check for a problem with the bushings, we check for worn center bushings. A worn bushing will cause a space between the bushing and trunnion. We may remove the trunnion cap to make sure the bushing is greased properly. A poorly greased bushing may cause metal shavings and ultimately, if the problem isn't caught soon enough, the trunnion shaft may need to be replaced.

Mack Trunnion Repair - Mack Trunnion Shaft Replacement - Tennessee

Mack Trunnion Shaft Replacement

If your trunnion cap has been cracked, that may mean that the trunnion nut has broken off and the spindle has contacted the cap. It is important to grease your trunnion assembly and check your insulator pads for wear regularly. A badly greased assembly could warp the shaft, requiring a trunnion shaft replacement. Call our axle doctors today for fast service!

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